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Are you looking to replace your old office furniture? Why go new when you can go recycled for half the cost?!

Andrews Environmental Services is the first place to start taking responsibility for your environmental impact in the office. Desks, shelves and chairs can do more damage to the environment than simply using up energy and natural resources when they're manufactured. They can also introduce toxic chemicals into the environment, both during their manufacture and after their disposal.

Our team can design and plan your office with excellent quality used furniture, we can then delivery and install normally next working day!

These days, there are many options for choosing sustainable, environmentally-friendly office furniture. Here at Andrews Environmental Services we can supply and install your office with good quality recycled furniture. As a Eco Solutions-conscious manufacturers and supplier, and online store focusing on the go green factor and solutions to fit any budget it's easier than ever to go green with Andrews Environmental Services.

Andrews has made a name for itself with its sustainable, environmentally-friendly products that feature award-winning design. Proving that you can have the best of best worlds, the company has married functional, beautiful design with high standards for recyclability, minimal packaging, and minimal waste.

Buying used furniture not only saves the planet, it also saves you money and gives you the opportunity to contribute to the environment.

Can save you up to 70% against new prices!

*The Green Choice:

Choosing recycled furniture means you're doing your bit for the planet - reducing your carbon footprint, decreasing landfill sizes and saving the world's forests.

*Great Prices:

Recycled furniture is on average 70% cheaper than new furniture. So you're getting a great deal more - for a great deal less.

*Top Quality:

Recycled doesn't mean second-best. All of our recycled furniture is strictly quality-controlled to make sure you get nothing but the best. And it's thoroughly cleaned and well presented, so you get a professional solution.

* We can also offer a part-exchange service, if your existing furniture is re sellable then we can make you an offer on this.

Call our team on 0800 413 704 or visit our sister website www.andrewsofficefurniture.com

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